Yalova city: The new star of Turkey

Over the past decade, foreign investor’s interest in Turkey’s real estate market has increased. Today, there are on average around 25,000 transactions a year with foreign buyers. And the main attraction for investors is Istanbul. But recently, Turkey has seen the birth of a new star, and thus Istanbul had has an inevitable competitor, which is Yalova city.

Yalova is a wonderful city in Turkey and welcomes a large number of tourists every year. It’s named a city of magic and beauty for the beauty of its nature and climate.

Yalova has beautiful natural and green areas with many hot springs that some find it a way to heal, and it is suitable for those seeking retirement.

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Thanks to our webmasters, graphic designers and community manager, we put in place a very effective real estate marketing strategy to reach the right audience in the real estate market.

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We provide preliminary information and forecasts to our clients and investors in the field of real estate investment in Turkey, so they can make the right investment choice at the right time.

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To ensure the satisfaction of our dear customers, we provide all the necessary services. We put under your disposal our agents of the after-sales services which will answer all your requests.

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We provide a high speed private transport service. no matter where you are in Istanbul or yalova, to ensure your total comfort, we take you with our VIP car, to visit the projects you wish to see.


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